Tasty Somerset Beef

We also produce quality Somerset beef boxes from our small herd of cattle, these are available all year round. We rear Red Devon, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle as we feel that the traditional breeds offer the quality and texture that our customers are looking for. Our animals are allowed to mature naturally, resulting in a great taste for our high quality beef boxes.

All the animals at Whitney Farm are free range, meaning they are free to graze over the farm and each animal has plenty of freedom. We pride ourselves in the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry. This means we have some of the most happy and healthy animals, and we believe this is why our Somerset Beef Boxes are simply the best!

Free Range Beef using Traditional Methods

Young calves arrive on the farm each autumn where they are fed milk, silage and barley until the spring when they start grazing the lush, clover rich pastures the farm affords. These animals are looked after for over two years, enabling them to mature naturally, resulting in really tasty beef!

From November through to March the beef animals are brought into the farmyard where the straw bedded barns afford shelter from the elements and the yard allows for plenty of exercise. During this time beef animals are fed a balanced diet of Grass Silage made on the farm in the summer, and a blend of Barley and Lupins which provides energy and protein requirements, this is grown by our family.

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Our free range Somerset Beef boxes and Christmas Geese are available to order now from our secure online farm shop and orders can be delivered either direct to your door or collected from us at Whitney Farm.